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Japanese Games, infos & restrictions

At this time, no reliable information can be found on to successfully play imported games on PlayStation 3. strongly suggests you visiting your favourite PlayStation 3 resource web site and see if any new information regarding this subject has been released. If you choose to order a Japanese game with no possession of a Japanese Playstation 3 system, you will take full responsibility of it. does NOT take back or trade a game without a very good reason to do so.


The games for the Japanese Sony PSP are not built with a region lockout, so playing imported games should work without any extra tricks.


The games for the Japanese version of Nintendo Wii DOES NOT work on the non-Japanese Nintendo Wii console.


The games for the Japanese Nintendo DS are not built with a region lockout, so playing imported games should work without any extra tricks on either country´s gaming unit.

XBOX360 :

SYSTEM HARDWARE (for all configurations):

We sell “Jasper” Japanese chipset Xbox360 systems, whit build-in HDMI connector and with Japanese 100-127 volts (150W) AC Adapter.
You may get a proper AC Adapter suitable for your country for FREE! Please contact, Microsoft Xbox360 SUPPORT of your own country here:


EUROTAKU.COM sells 100% Japanese editions game software (NTSC-J), only.
It happens that some titles can be “code Free” – please, send us an email if you need information about a specific title.
We do not sell any “ASIA” versions as well as “PLATINUM” re-editions.


Many users of the English versions of Windows XP play imported Japanese PC games by setting up Windows XP to display Japanese text.

Go into the Windows XP´s Control Panel.

Open the [Regional and Language Options].

Click on the [Advanced] tab.

Select [Japanese] from the pull-down menu at the [Language for non-Unicode Programs] section.

Japanese will display for all non-Unicode programs then (Windows restart required).

Below is additional information on setting up. Some games are required to do this.

Open the [Regional and Language Options].

Click on the [Regional Options] tab.

Select [Japanese] from the pull-down menu at the [Standards and Formats] section.

Some Japanese PC games may also have a region checker when they install, though this can be bypassed by downloading and using Microsoft´s AppLocale program. Information on where to download it for Windows XP and instructions on how to use it can be found here: However, the best way to be sure your favourite Japanese Windows game/Doujin will run on your PC, is to install a Japanese version of related OS Windows XP or Vista.


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