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Remi Lore

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Placing your order: You will automatically receive an order acknowledgment mail shortly after placing an order at our store.

If you do not receive an email, please check your spam mail settings and make sure you are able to receive mails from our domain.

In case your spam mail box is empty, contact us as soon as possible.

Confirmation: Your order will be fully accepted after you receive a second email confirming that your order is being processed or/and will be shipped soon.

Cancellation: No cancellation will be accepted after a delay of 3 days.


Pre-order bonuses: Some items may include pre-order bonuses, however there are many cases in which specific information give by the maker/publisher about the bonus items or quantity are uncertain.

Therefore pre-order bonus items will be provided on a “first come, first served basis” or by random drawing lots. Unless specified in the item´s description, we cannot guarantee customers will all receive the pre-order bonus.

Confirmation: Your pre-order will be fully accepted only once you receive a second email confirming that your pre-order was accepted.

For this, your order as to be fully paid*. No exceptions will be granted. Only then we can guarantee that your pre-ordered item will be shipped once its officially released.

*If you paid using Paypal eCheck, make sure that your eCheck can be cashed to our account BEFORE the release day of your pre-ordered item, otherwise we won’t be able to confirm your pre-order.

Cancellation: No cancellation will be accepted after a delay of 24 hours.

SPLITING your orders / pre-orders:

By default, in case of a placed mixed existing/already released items and non-released items (pre-ordered item) order, we will ship your order only once the totality of your items are available, in a single parcel.

If you wish do not wish to wait for the totality of your items to be available to receive your order, we strongly recommend you to place separate orders to receive the available items faster.

If you however choose to place a single order including available and non-available items and you wish to receive the available items first, please send us an email asking for a splitting.

You will then receive a separate invoice for the additional shipping costs (if necessary of course).

Returning items:

All NEW hardware items (game systems only) sold on are guaranteed by their manufacturers.

In case of dysfunction or malfunctioning, the shipment returning costs and re-shipping costs is totally at the customers charge. will not pay for ANY additional cost.

In case of trouble, the first step is to contact us by email or telephone.

VAT and Customs Taxes

Please remember that for some countries, there could be additional taxes like VAT or importation taxes. Those are not included in our prices.


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